BalconyLite Ball Planter

BalconyLite Ball Planter

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Colours: Dune
Colour Swatch in Concrete
Colour Swatch in Dune

November 2018: We are discontinuing this pot and have a few sizes left on clearance. See below:

6 Concrete 32 x 25cm $25.00
2 Dune 32 x 25cm $25.00
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    Strong, lightweight construction. An inner core of fibreglass for strength with a skin of terracotta blended with epoxy resin for a natural exterior finish. The pots feature a painted finish which adds to the longevity.

    Designed for outdoor use in a fully exposed situation

    Plant directly into the container (see our notes on Sealing Outdoor Pots)

    Includes drainage holes (consider some Pot Feet for free drainage)

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