Bistro Folding Chair

Bistro Folding Chair


Dimensions: 35cm wide x 64cm high x 45cm deep

Colours: Deep Blue
Colour Swatch in Acapulco Blue
Colour Swatch in Clay Grey
Colour Swatch in Frosted Lemon
Colour Swatch in Ice Mint
Colour Swatch in Red Ochre
Colour Swatch in Cotton White
Colour Swatch in Nutmeg
Colour Swatch in Russet
Colour Swatch in Cedar Green
Colour Swatch in Rosemary
Colour Swatch in Capucine
Colour Swatch in Honey
Colour Swatch in Verbena
Colour Swatch in Willow Green
Colour Swatch in Cactus
Colour Swatch in Pink Praline
Colour Swatch in Poppy
Colour Swatch in Chilli
Colour Swatch in Deep Blue
Colour Swatch in Lagoon Blue
Colour Swatch in Steel Grey
Colour Swatch in Storm Grey
Colour Swatch in Anthracite
Colour Swatch in Liquorice

These folding chairs and tables created at the end of the 19th century were a hit with French cafe owners of the time. Simple and sturdy, the Bistro range will be with you wherever you are: on the balcony, in the garden or even indoors.

Today, Bistro is still as charming as ever! Indeed, having been sensitively restyled by Fermob, the Bistro chair is even more joyful and ingenious than ever!

Bistro Seating Guide
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Colour Chart
After some colour inspiration, or a bit daunted by the choice? Visit our Fermob Colour Chart page to view larger colour swatches, and some more inspiration and ideas.


35cm wide x 64cm high x 45cm deep


Note: These chairs have an additional catephoresis treatment applied at the factory before powder coating. This improves their rust protection and extends the Fermob warranty from 1 to 3 years.

  • Made in France.

  • Available in 24 colours. See the Fermob Colour Chart.

  • Anti-UV powder coated steel for outdoor use.

  • Galvanised seat slats.

  • Plastic foot protectors.

  • 1-year warranty.

More information on care and maintenance for this furniture can be found in Furniture Care Instructions
Delivery Estimate

Many colours in stock. Check with us for specific colours or volume orders before placing order. Stocked colours dispatch in 3 - 5 days. Colours not in stock may be 8 - 12 weeks depending on season

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