Teak Fact Sheet

Benefits of teak outdoor furniture


Teak can be left outside all year. Teak is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of the sun, rain and salt.


Teak is a close grained hardwood with a high natural oil and rubber content. It has is an easily maintained surface with a warm appearance


Our teak is plantation grown, rather than taken from existing rainforests.

Care & Maintenance

We have applied a coat of teak oil to all our furniture. This provides additional protection from the elements, and helps even out the colour variances in the freshly sawn wood.


You do not need to re-oil the wood. If you leave your furniture untreated, it will weather to a silver-grey appearance as the oil in the teak dissipates.  If you like this silver-grey appearance, no oiling is necessary and very little maintenance is required. We recommend a yearly scrub with warm soapy water to remove any build up of dirt.


If you prefer the honey coloured appearance, the teak will need to be re-oiled. Depending on how exposed the furniture is to the weather, this would need to be done every 6 to 12 months.  Give the teak a light sand with a fine sandpaper, wash down with soapy water. Allow to dry and apply the teak oil with a cloth. We recommend a teak oil named Sikkens Cetol HLS in Pine. This was applied to the furniture when new.