Underplanting softens the edge of pots and provides depth and interest in a balcony space. The additional layers of planting make the balcony appear larger. It also provides the opportunity to include contrast and layers of interest, the secret weapons of a good designer.

Contrast can be quite jarring, and is generally used to enliven a space. When you are limited to pots rather than garden beds using contrast can create life and interest that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

Our top tips for succussful underplanting:

  • Ensure the plants have similar water requirements.
  • Use large pots to ensure sufficient planting space to accommodate the root systems of the various plants in your scheme.
  • Given they will be colocated its also important to ensure the plants all have similar light/sun requirements.

Our fabourite plants for underplanting:

Succulents - an excellent choice as they have a limited root system and come in such an array of colours and forms. Ideal for underplanting larger succulent species such as Yuuca's and various Agave. But will work with virtually anything, just keep in mind the watering requirements. Succulents generally like quite a dry, free draining, soil.

Dicondra Silver Falls - this is my all time favourite plant, at least at the moment. The beautiful flowing grey leaves contrast well against vibrant green plants while the trailing form softens the edges and sides of large planters. They have a medium water requirement and work well with anything from large succulents to buxus and more traditional plants.

The silvery leaf of the Dichondra looks particularly stunning against grey or charcoal  planters for a contemporary urban space.

Herbs and Vegetables - a great way to include a kitchen garden on your balcony. Oregano and thyme are particularly well suited to underplant due to their low spreading form. They are also happy in drier soils so work well with many low maintenance balcony plants. 

Take a look through our Underplanting pinterest board for more inspiration.