As winter settles in we're looking at how to best maximise our opportunities for time outdoors.

The benefits of fresh air and sunshine are enormous in winter so why not make your outdoor space a winter haven. A space that draws you out to enjoy the winter sunshine and crisp fresh air. These are our top 5 essential elements to create a haven on your balcony this winter.

Blankets, Throws and Rugs

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Layer up the warm factor. A basket of blankets, a rug underfoot and additional throws on furniture or over the arms of chairs. If your balcony ins't covered consider placing your basket of blankets just inside the door with a few spare throws over interior chairs to easily grab and head outside.

Warm up the Colour Tones

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Swap out a few cushion covers for warm earthy tones,think burnt orange, browns and greens or warm greys and neutrals. Darker tones also work well in winter, darker blues, plums or even reds.


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Candles and lanterns or even fairy lights create a warm ambience and provide much needed light on the shorter days. 


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You may not be using the space so much over winter so you can afford to dedicate some of the useable space to decoration. Start by amping up the decorative accents on your outdoor dining table. You are less likely to need the centre of your table for big bowls of summer salads so up the accessories. Add small pots of winter herbs like Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme. Mix in some candles or lanterns and a decorative bowl or two.

Vibrant and Healthy Looking Plants

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Healthy, lush looking plants instantly make a space more inviting. In many cases it's as simple as remembering to water them, particularly if you have a covered balcony. Cold windy days can be quite dehydrating for your plants so remember to keep an eye on them.

Creating a winter balcony retreat not only gives you a space to enjoy over the winter but it also creates a beautiful view from inside on a gloomy winter day.