Looking to create a space that is welcoming, inviting, relaxing and generally a great place to spend time outdoors? Consider these tips in your makeover plans.


Natural Elements

Successful balcony gardens embrace natural elements beyond just the plants. This enhances the feeling of being outdoors, natural timbers, earthy looking pots, natural rattan or seagrass. While its great there are so many typically indoor products such as cushions and rugs that are now suitable for use outside we need to consciously include natural elements to retain an outdoor feel.


This concept has become popular again in the last year or so. It adds layers and depth to a planting scheme and helps achieve a garden feel within a courtyard or balcony. We looked at this emerging trend in more detail on the blog last year. Take a read for more ideas and inspiration.



Variety for Interest

This is a tricky one as typically the 'rules' say in small spaces to limit your materials and colours. However this can result in a flat, uninteresting space. The trick is add variety sparinly and with careful consideration. That may be mismatched pots in a couple of different finishes, or consider selecting a table and chairs from different ranges. Variety can be introduced in a number of ways, the obvious are colour and materials but also consider different tones within the same colour palette or different textures.

For more detailed planning tips take a look through one of our early blogs on planning a balcony garden or if you'd like some advice on how to put these tips into practice just give us a call.