A recent Apartment Therapy article predicts an upcoming trend - outdoor furniture being used inside.

Taking the concept of bringing the outdoors in beyond just plants and floral patterns. The article suggests that this style fits with the modern concept of multifunctional pieces, the passion for organic materials and the need for visually lighter pieces in small, urban spaces. A suggestion we couldn't agree with more.

In additon, the blurring of the line between indoor and outdoor living allows outdoor furniture to tranistion inside in the same way typically indoor furnishings have been reengineered for outdoor use.

Some pieces will fit this trend more than others so you need to be selective and consider your own style. When shopping for outdoor or indoor furniture consider pieces that will work in both environments.

We have put together our favourite pieces of outdoor furniture that work equally well indoors along with a few tips on multipurposing.

1. Sixties furniture - the Sixties Bench and Armchair are beautiful pieces that work equally well indoors. The retro stylying and light appearance make them an ideal fit for todays modern interiors. Equally the Bistro table, in one of 24 colours, makes an excellent end table, hall table or plant stand. Image courtsey of Fermob.

2. Luxembourg bench with back - old school styling combined with the flexibility of 24 colour options. The Luxembourg Bench with Back mades an excellent addition to any interior. Opt for bright pops of colour, retro earthy tones or industrial greys. These benches are perfect for a side bench at an eclectic dining table or a spot to sit in an entrance way or hallway. Image courtsey of Fermob.

3. Evolve Bench - another great bench option. More contemporary than the Luxembourg bench the Stainless Steel Bench works in modern contemporary spaces. As a side bench along a dining table, an occassional bench in a hallway or living space or even as an end bench at the foot of the bed. The options for a simple bench are many and varied. Also pictured here is the Stainless Steel Bench with its stainless steel slats for an ultra contemporary look..

4. Cemento stool - this versatile little stool, and many others like it, can be the workhorse of multifunctional furniture. Seen here as a bedside table these stools work equally well as an occassional table, as seating around a dining table or tucked under a console table as an occassional desk. Image from housetweaking.com. Also pictured the Seabreeze stool.

And beyond the multitude of uses indoors these are all suitable for the outdoors so extra guests can easily be accommodated at your next gathering, indoors or out.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to incorporate multipurpose furniture into your space give us a call or drop us an email.