Less is always more when it comes to good design, and a balcony is no different. Often the key to creating a successful outdoor space is showing restraint.

Even if you have the luxury of a 100sqm balcony or roof terrace, keep it simple and show restraint. Here are a few 'rules' we suggest you use when designing your balcony layout:

  • A few larger pots are always more effective than many small ones.
  • Limit the plant varieties you use to two or three.
  • Limit the different materials you use. Timber, stainless steel, glass, marble, terrazzo, ceasarstone etc are all wonderful materials but there is no need to use all of them in the one space. Also consider the existing materials of the built environment.  What is your balustrade made from and can you use that material on the balcony.  If you have a glass and stainless steel balustrade then a glass and stainless steel dining table would work beautifully.
  • A space can multi task but give it a main purpose.  Squeezing in a dining space and a chill out space on a small balcony often means neither is effective.  Identify your main needs and ensure you cater to those first.
  • One or two 'features' is more than enough. By including a large feature plant, a statue, a water feature and a furniture grouping you create visual clutter. Your eye won't settle on one thing and the space becomes confusing.
  • Stick to one range of pots. An eclectic combination of styles and finishes of pot can be successful but it takes a skilled designer to make this work.  The key for the amateur is to stick with one range and colour of pot.