Currently trending in interiors, Industrial styling is becoming more popular for outdoor spaces. Here's some inspiration to get you on your way to an Industrial outdoor space.

Industrial looking objects are usually made from classic raw materials - timber, cement, steel, metal. Surfaces are rough or raw in appearance.

Steer clear of bright bold colours, opt for neutral colours with shades of grey mixed with timber a popular choice. And don't forget to add some greenery to add warmth and life!

Products - 1. Cemento Stool $145, 2. Cemento Square Table $895, 3. Luxembourg Chair $495, 4. Stainless Steel Stool $215, Alize Side Table $395, 6. Thai Aura Jar $790, 7. Evolve Dining Chair $270, 8. Cemento Bench $645, 9. Luxembourg Bench $895.