The garden bench is the ultimate indulgence. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine with a quiet coffee or vino.

Place your garden bench somewhere that picks up the autumn sun allowing you to soak up every last ray in preparation for the cooler months ahead.

From the romantic 1900's Bench to the modern Cemento and chic Evolve, we have a garden bench to suit all styles in a finish to compliment any space. We have rounded up our favourite benchs in an array of the currently trending finishes and colours.

1. Luxembourg Bench with Back. A playful, colourful interpretation of the classic school bench, it is lighter and more modern than ever, while having lost none of it's timeless charm. A generous two seat, great as a garden bench, on a front porch or team it with the 143cm Luxembourg Table as a dining bench. Available in all 24 Fermob colours. $995.

2. Stainless Steel Bench. Delicately understated, the Stainless Steel bench's simple styling creates a contemporary modern look. Fabulous in the garden, along side many of our dining tables but also an ideal bench for a hallway or porch. Available in three sizes, from $399.

3. Luxembourg Large Low Table and Garden Bench. A multipurpose addtion to the Luxembourg collection the Low Table/Garden Bench is a comfortable single seater bench or low coffee table. Available in all 24 Fermob colours. $595.

4. Evolve Low Bench. A modern contemporary take on a park bench. Add a few cushions and you have the perfect spot to sit and relax. $775.

5. 1900s Bench. The highly romantic 1900s Bench with its hand-forged scroll work and delicate perforations brings us back in time to 19th century Paris. It adds a fairy-tale touch to your garden, terrace or porch. Available in all 24 Fermob colours. $1,095.

6. Louisiane Bench. Another reinterpretation of the classic park bench, again from French manufacturers Fermob. The Louisiane Bench is a beautiful addition to any garden or even front porch. Available in all 24 Fermob colours. $995.

7. Sixties Bench. The joy of nostalgia - the Sixties Bench presents a young, comfortable and accessible retro vibe that looks great either indoors or out. Available in Cotton White, Storm Grey and Paprika. $995.

8. Cove Bench - A simple contemporary style, ideal for a minimialist or Asian inspired space. Available in three sizes from 1.2m to 1.8m and in two colours, either white or charcoal. Ideal as a dining bench or in a contemplative spot in a garden. From $700.

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