When space is at a premium thinking large is often the best solution. An outdoor space without plants can feel lifeless but equally a few small plants can appear cluttered.

One or two large feature pots planted with a small tree or striking plant will provide greenery and interest without compromising the space.

We have all heard that 'less is more' and 'bigger is better' however putting it into practice can be challenging. We have put together our top tips for creating a successful feature planting in a small space.

Size and Balance

Go as large as you can but be conscience of balancing the feature planting with the overall balcony.  If your furniture is finer in appearance then select a finer looking plant. Here is a great example from our pinterest board which shows a soft papyrus planted in large feature pots.

Alternatively where the furniture is dominant make sure the pot and plant are equally dominant. On a Walsh Bay balcony a Yucca placed in an out of the way corner added a striking element of greenery.


When using one pot and plant you don't have a lot of elements to work with.  Contrast is one of the key tools to enhance your feature.  Contrast can be obvious i.e. white pots against dark walls or it can be a more subtle play on texture. By contrasting a rough textured pot such as the Atlantis or Old Stone against a flat wall you add further interest to the feature, beyond just its size and colour.


Large feature pots allow you to consider many more varieties of plant.  A number of small trees will happyily grow in a large pot. Providing height and also potential shade.  Magnolia Little Gems, Olives and Citrus are all common choices for balconies and courtyards.  A further advantage of a small tree is it often allows you to maintain views at lower levels by pruning the lower branches.

Visit out Feature Pots pinterest board for more inspiration.