A narrow balcony may seem challenging but with a bit of creativity you'll find plenty of solutions.

Continuing on with our small spaces series today we are looking at small narrow outdoor spaces. An Urban Balcony photo shoot from last year is our inspiration for the combination of outdoor furniture used in this design.
Traditional garden pots combine with contemporary outdoor furniture

This space is only 1.5m deep yet we have incorporated a relaxing space plus a dining/drinks space for two. The outdoor bar table and stools offers a great spot to enjoy the view while the teak and stainless steel outdoor bench is perfect for a coffee. In this design I have opted for more muted colours with Willow Green for the Fermob Alize side table and Atlantis pots. This gives the space a more earthy, traditional feel. The pots and outdoor furniture shown in the above layout come to $4,070.
Contemporary outdoor furniture with industrial style pots

The beauty of the Evolve range is that it lends itself to many styles, switch the Alize side table to industrial Storm Grey and combine with Concrete Balconylite pots for a more contemporary look. Or add a pop of bright colour with Alize in Turquoise or Fuchsia. Changing the pots for Balconylite would reduce the budget to approximately $3,400.

If you want to mix it up a bit you could switch the Evolve Low Bench for Sixties Bench and depending on door openings you may also fit a Sixties Armchair into a space this size. This offers a comfortable outdoor lounge option in a realtively small space.
Outdoor lounging and dining in a narrow space

That's three options for a narrow space to help inspire some creativity in your outdoor area. If you'd like us to apply our ideas to your narrow space take a look at our eDesign service and submit an enquiry.

These layouts use standard sized products from the Evolve range. If you want to get a little more creative we can customise this range. Narrower than usual outdoor dining tables are one of our most popular options. If you have a narrow space but would still like a regular height dining table with dining chairs talk to us about your options or have a read of our Custom Outdoor Furniture blog for some hints and tips.