Creating privacy on a balcony can be challenging as often there are views that need to be maintained with only small areas to be screened.

However it isn't usually as easy as placing a large pot and plant in front of the unsightly view.

Some strategies we use when asked to resolve this problem for a client include:

  • Distraction - if completely obscuring the view is not possible then consider creating a focal point elsewhere to distract you from the unsightly view. You'll be surprised what a difference a little distraction makes.
  • Feeling - for example if you have a large balcony or roofterrace that is very overlooked consider creating a central seating area surrounded by larger trees or bamboo. When sitting in this area there will be a feeling of privacy from the surrounding buildings even though you haven't completely screened them off.
  • Balance - always balance the screening with other planting. For example if placing three large pots at one end of your balcony provides the necessary screening then place something similar towards the other end of the balcony. It doesn't need to be the same size, opt for the same pot in a smaller size and use a low plant if you have attractive views in that area.