Last week we talked about feature pots for small balconies so this week I'm sharing some ideas on how to create a garden feel if you have a larger space to work with.

In this case the planting is the feature rather than the pot.  Keep the pots simple and consistent and then layer different sizes.  Trough or rectangluar style planters mixed with cubes and tall column pots are ideal around the edges. Then use smaller round pots to soften the corners or provide the odd feature. Stick with the same colour pot for the majority of the 'garden' then add a couple of contrasting pots as features.

Underplanting gives you another layer in which to create greenery. Always consider the root system of the plant you are planting beneath.  Select something that doesn't mind a bit of root competition and remember to keep it well watered.

Height is another important consideration in creating a garden feel.  Select a couple of feature trees to provide height or use tall divider troughs to raise the starting height of your garden.  I love this roof terrace on pinterest. It uses tall divider troughs as the back rest to a bench, climbers for additional height and underplanting to provide greenery at lower levels.  The planters have also been used to divide up the space creating separate areas.

Our Urban Balcony Inspiration board on pinterest includes a few other inspiring spaces using planters to create a garden on a balcony. Check it out.