We have been using artificial grass for a good few years now. Mostly as outdoor rugs under dining tables or with outdoor lounges to soften a space.

We have also been guilty of the odd grass placemat, table runner and doormat but that might have been overkill. However all that experimentation has lead me to a few conclusions on how, or when you can successfully use artificial grass.

There are several stunning examples out there, with the rooftop garden overlooking Sydney Harbour, designed by Secret Gardens of Sydney being the most impressive.

But you don't necessarily need a few hundred square meters of rooftop and a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour to achieve success with artificial grass. Here are a couple of points based on what we have seen and done:

  1. The outdoor rug concept works well in most situations and will instantly soften a space.
  2. For a more dramatic effect create large areas of lawn or even use it over your entire balcony. This is most effective in open spaces like a roof terrace or a balcony that doesn't have another balcony above it. If your balcony has a ceiling your eye doesn't expect to see grass hence it is unlikely to accept it as natural.
  3. Use pebbles to soften the edges where the turf meets a wall or the balcony doors.
  4. Place planters along the railings and other edges to create a garden bed effect.
  5. Consider using a rubber underlay as the grass can be adhered to the underlay which prevents the need to adhere to the surface of the balcony.

The rooftop garden in the image above is stunning but relatively simple to create. Use the BalconyLite Divider Trough or BalconyLite Rectangle Trough to create the planter beds then plant and furnish as you please.