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We spend most of our time working with landscapers, stylists and customers to help create inspirational and well designed Balcony spaces. Here is a place where we hope to share some ideas, tips and aspiration for furnishing or maintaining your Balcony

Marble - Inspiration for Outdoor Dining

Our stunning Quarry range is 'chairless'. There is no matching chair as such, instead we have a whole array of chairs that, when combined with the Quarry dining table, create a stunning, unique combination. Read 

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On Trend Outdoor Spaces

Looking to create a space that is welcoming, inviting, relaxing and generally a great place to spend time outdoors? Consider these tips in your makeover plans. Read 

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Mixing outdoor furniture for a contemporary yet inviting look.

Get the Look - Tranquil Hamptons Terrace

Inspired by the Long Island terrace of Australian landscape architect Daniel Richards we have put together a number of pieces to recreate this look. Read 

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Outdoor Furniture options for narrow spaces

Design Options for a Narrow Balcony

A narrow balcony may seem challenging but with a bit of creativity you'll find plenty of solutions. Read 

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Creating extra outdoor living space on a small balcony

Design Options for a Small Balcony

The first of a series combining outdoor furniture and contemporary pots for smaller balconies. Read 

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Hyde Vale from John Davies Landscapes

Garden Tour - Hyde Vale London

A simply stunning London garden created by John Davies Landscapes. Read 

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Trend: Underplanting

Underplanting softens the edge of pots and provides depth and interest in a balcony space. The additional layers of planting make the balcony appear larger. It also provides the opportunity to include contrast and layers of interest, the secret weapons of a good designer. Read 

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10th Anniversary

This month we celebrate our 10th anniversary. We are lining up a few offers over the coming month to celebrate this milestone but first up lets look back at where it all began. Read 

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Image from gunnlandscapes.com

It's Planning Season

It may feel like summer is an age away but we all know how quickly time flies. Get organised now and enjoy beautiful early spring days on your newly revamped balcony. Read 

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Image via deavita.com

Top 5: Elements for a Winter Balcony

As winter settles in we're looking at how to best maximise our opportunities for time outdoors. Read 

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An urban veggie patch. Image courtesy of BHG.com

Winter Veggie Garden

There are heaps of great vegetables that grow really well in pots and winter can be a great time to embark on a small scale balcony veggie garden. Read 

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Letting the Outdoors In

A recent Apartment Therapy article predicts an upcoming trend - outdoor furniture being used inside. Read 

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Garden Benches

The garden bench is the ultimate indulgence. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunshine with a quiet coffee or vino. Read 

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Creating privacy through planting

Creating privacy on your balcony

Creating privacy on a balcony can be challenging as often there are views that need to be maintained with only small areas to be screened. Read 

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A stunning New York roof terrace with a garden feel.

Creating a Garden on a Balcony

Last week we talked about feature pots for small balconies so this week I'm sharing some ideas on how to create a garden feel if you have a larger space to work with. Read 

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White Terrazzo Crucibles make a feature against a dark wall

Feature Pots for Small Spaces

When space is at a premium thinking large is often the best solution. An outdoor space without plants can feel lifeless but equally a few small plants can appear cluttered. Read 

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1900 Bench in Fuchsia. Photo courtesey of Karin Vivar

Classic Parisian Outdoor Style

Classic with romantic Parisian style, the Fermob 1900 range also incorporates modern-day ergonomics making it both beautiful and comfortable. Read 

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Photo courtesy of www.showhome.nl

Winter on the Balcony

While it seems the rest of the world is gearing up for Spring/Summer we are in wind down mode preparing for the few cooler months of Autumn and Winter. Read 

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A few large pots are more effective than a lot of disparate small pots in different shapes and sizes

Less is more in a balcony space

Less is always more when it comes to good design, and a balcony is no different. Often the key to creating a successful outdoor space is showing restraint. Read 

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Using the correct method for planting in a container is important but simple to do.

Planting Up Your Pots

We get a lot of questions about how to plant up our pots, and many people have reservations about what to do. Never fear, it's easy! Read 

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Industrial Inspiration

Currently trending in interiors, Industrial styling is becoming more popular for outdoor spaces. Here's some inspiration to get you on your way to an Industrial outdoor space. Read 

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Multiple Personalities

The Fermob Bistro range is so versatile it works in virtually any situation. In fact one could almost argue it has multiple personalities Read 

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Outdoors In

Looking for versatility in your furniture? Consider pieces that can transition from outside to inside providing additional seating whenever and wherever it might be needed. Read 

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A New York roof garden - an excellent example of how artificial grass can be used very successfully.

Artificial grass on a balcony

We have been using artificial grass for a good few years now. Mostly as outdoor rugs under dining tables or with outdoor lounges to soften a space. Read 

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New from Fermob

There are some stunning new products in the Fermob range that I thought I might share today. Read 

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Create an Adaptable Outdoor Space

Smaller spaces still need to deliver maximum impact and usage potential. Read 

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Be Bold with Colour this Summer

Be bold with your colour choices and have some fun. Colour adds interest and vitality to a space and can uplift and energise you Read 

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Creating a plant free balcony

We just assume that a balcony is not complete without plants but this is not necessarily true. A balcony can look amazing without a single plant. Read 

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Atlantis Sana Pot stands 90cm tall

Atlantis sana pot

We added this stunning pot to the range last week, it was barely on the floor and already sold along with the only three in stock Read 

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A Relaxing Space

Give your balcony a purpose

Essentially the idea is to create a room and all rooms have a purpose, without a purpose a room becomes a wasted space Read 

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Custom Round Glass Table

Custom furniture

Now is the time to start thinking about ordering custom outdoor furniture for the spring. Custom lead times are around eight weeks plus planning the finish and dimensions takes a little longer when you have so many options to choose from. Read 

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Marble Outdoor Table WIth Stainless Steel Bench

Marble Outdoor Dining Tables

Marble – the natural choice for contemporary outdoor entertaining. Read 

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Hardy plants can take full on sun

Solutions for a hot, sunny balcony

Balconies are often extremes, if you have a sunny balcony then often it is baking hot in the summer and many plants struggle to survive, even those with 'full sun' on the label Read 

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Repeat colours to borrow space outside

Connecting your balcony with your interior

"Connecting" your interior and exterior spaces will do two things for you.It creates flow from one space to the next - thereby encouraging you to move from the inside out, and it creates an illusion of increased space Read 

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Pallet Balcony Garden

American blogger Fern Richardson takes a disused shipping pallet and converts it into a vertical garden perfect for balconies Read 

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Balmain Shady Balcony with Bamboo

Working With A Shady Balcony

A shady balcony really needs to look fantastic as you don't have the benefit of bright sunshine to draw you out onto it. Read 

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Keep it simple

Simple solutions for small spaces

Small spaces present big challenges. To help create your perfect outdoor space on a small balcony we have put together a few pointers Read 

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Waterloo balcony

Design Inside Secrets

Last week we were asked to do a presentation on our "insider secrets" of balcony garden design. This got us thinking about what it means to be designing balcony gardens, and the concepts we apply when doing it. Read 

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