The following is the warranty we provide on our pots:

Within 3 months of sale

  • We will replace the pot if a fault develops and is no longer fit for purpose
  • If the pot was installed by us, we will visit the site and exchange the pot and re-plant.
  • If we delivered the pot, we will re-deliver a replacement pot.
  • If the pot was not delivered, then the customer can come in and exchange a replacement. We can deliver a replacement, but that will incur our standard delivery charges.

The "fine print"

Industry Standards

It is not industry practice for manufacturers to provide warranty on pots. None of our pot manufacturers provide a product warranty with their pots. This position is due to the nature of the product and the fact that a warranty is difficult to administer given the exposure of the product to the elements and variables such as the plants, soil and water.

Our 3 month warranty

We want to do the best by our customers and stand by the products that we sell.

Because of our good relationships with our pot manufacturers and suppliers, and experience in their products, we warrant our pots for 3 months. Our experience is that this provides enough time for any manufacture or structural issues in the pot to appear.

Fit for purpose

Fit for purpose means that the pot is fit to do its job, i.e. hold soil for a plant. A pot is still fit for purpose if it has natural deterioration or discolouration due to its use as a pot, such as water marks or scuff marks.

Replacement pot

We offer a like-for-like replacement of the pot. If the pot is no longer available, we will offer a close alternative.


In order for this warranty to apply, the pot must have been used for its standard purpose, i.e. a container for soil. It also must not have been subject to accidental or deliberate damage.

Warranty does not apply to pots that have been painted.