Painting Our BalconyLite Fibreglass Pots

If the standard Lead Lite colour doesn't quite match in with your scheme, the pots in our BalconyLite range may be painted.


Our BalconyLite pots have an inner core of fibreglass for strength with a skin of terracotta blended with epoxy resin for a natural exterior finish. They are safe to use in a fully exposed outdoor situation.


If you want to match a particular colour, our manufacturer recommends Wattyl Solagard Stone Finish as this has been proven to bond effectively with the epoxy resin in the pots and stand up well over time.

This paint is available in approximately 60 colours.

No primer is required, and one coat provides adequate coverage. The thick finish of the paint covers any imperfections or pits in the pot surface.

If painted, we also recommend that the inside of the pots are sealed with a general pot sealer (e.g. Yates Pot-a-seal). This will reduce the risk of moisture penetrating and causing any damage to the paint.